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We’re here to guarantee you have the best experience when Buying or Selling your home.  Welcome, you and your transactions are safe with us. Click the link below for a shortcut to our instant estimators!

Welcome to Vault Title!

Our job is to protect the interests of both Buyers and Sellers during one of the most stressful and financially significant times in their lives. We team up with Realtors and Lenders to give our client’s peace of mind that the thousand little details are being taken care of so that you can concentrate on the exciting next chapter of your lives. 

Specifically, you will have over 100 years of combined experience in the Title Industry at your service. Researching the deed 42 years into the past, searching for and helping clear any legal issues attached to the property, such as liens, unpaid taxes, unpaid HOA dues, previous filing errors, special assessments, and judgments. Once the title has been cleared, we’ll take care of ensuring the new owner, holding any needed funds in escrow, arranging payoffs to lenders, associations, county and state auditors, and others. Then we’ll prepare the paperwork for closing, schedule the best location and time for you to sign your closing documents, and wire funds or cut checks to appropriate parties. We’ll record your official deed at the courthouse and mail you a copy of all paperwork. It’s important work, so we have spent a lot of time and money on the best, most current fraud protection services and will be in communication with you as often as you need us. We have an excellent real estate attorney, nationally renowned Underwriters, and service-oriented exceptional staff looking out for your best interests.

Research, Information, Communication, Coordination and Protection…

Welcome, you’re safe here.

“Vault Title’s all star staff made me feel like family with every transaction.”

-Mrs. Fleming, satisfied home buyer

Prior To Closing

Conduct Title Search, Coordinate all aspects of title services with appropriate parties, Prepare all necessary documents, Schedule settlement.

During Closing

Account for all funds, Review closing documents, Disburse all mortgage loan or sale proceeds.

After Closing

Satisfy all lender requirements, Record Transfer Documents, Issue Title Insurance Policy.

At Vault Title we love our home town heroes! $50 off your title work to show our appreciation.

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